ELPCAP Night Light Cap

ELPCAP Night Light Cap ELPCAP Night Light Cap

  Brief:the ideal of USB night light cap comes from French designer, this product works with EU plug wall charger ELP01,the specialty of this light cap is that it is created a translucent logo on the top side, build in LED as sourcing light,when it connects USB chargers, this cap lights a handleful of light but not dazzling.  When you wake up at mid night, you don't worry about you lost the direction in the dark room , even affetting you family members  as you opened the table light . Because you have this night light cap, which has a small power consumption, it is 1/10 of common night light.  

Patent protected, RoHS compliance.  
 1  Round shape , USB interface.
 2  Removable night light cap
 3 Low power consumpaption.