ELP05 2.1A Double USB travel charger with EU plug

ELP05  2.1A Double USB travel charger with EU plug

 ELP05 (Φ4.8mm pin) has been presented to the public this year during the Hannover Cebit show. This low profile USB wall charger has been created in order to reduce electrical mess at home or in office. This design is the upgraded version of model ELP01. Nowadays everybody use plenty of USB powered devices, and each device is usually sold with its own USB wall charger. As a consequence, we usually have a complete mess on our power strip. ELP05 replaces those different USB wall charger adopting a low profile especially designed to fit European power strips. With its two handles, ELP05 is easy to remove. 
The Max. output current of 2.1A with 2 ports become trend of this year.  If you have ELP05, you had them.

CE, RoHS compliance • Patent Protected.
•EU AC mains plug / USB charger adapter for MP3 ,iPod and PDA.
 •Small exquisite appearance and self recover safety function .
•Double handles design.
•DC Output Short Circuit Protection. 
•Get right work automatic upon short circuit relieve. 
• 2 mobile phone got charged at a time.

Scope of application: •Suit for Europe market