S06-GPS Speed warning system

S06-GPS Speed warning system S06-GPS Speed warning system


With GPS technology, this device is designed to help drivers to foresee the dangerous zone or speed limit. It’s a totally legal product. Never be confused to traffic traps , own this device let you  easily say good bye to fine ticket from now on. 
Comply with CE,RoHS and Emark.

•Digital LED screen to display drive speed, time, distance, etc.
•E-compass to show the directions
•Real voice system.
•Apply the most innovate SIRF3 GPS chipset. Alarm multiple styles for the points. such as speed limit zone, traffic light ,radar camera ,mobile radar ,dangerous zone. Etc
•Human oriented
     A, Time report every hour
     B, Fatigue driving alert
     C, User defined POIs
     D, Switch between city mode and highway mode
•Calculate the speed of vehicle to realize the real-time display for the distance to the dangerous zone.
•Enormous capacity for the GPS data, up to 160,000 locations.
•The radar detector can detector the dangerous zone up to 1000 meters ahead.
•Powerful manager software to manage /download/update the data.