Bluetooth Smart LED SL01

Bluetooth Smart LED SL01

Bluetooth smart LED light --not only saving energy ,also give you convenient and modern life!

Smart LED controlled by Bluetooth with built-in remote management lighting software. (Picture: Products, analog cell phones and remote control relationship between the products.)
 1.Saving 90% energy than traditional
2.256 different color and lighting level can be controlled from your smart phones (Apple and Android O.S)
3.It only supports 4.0 bluetooth or above

1.Saving energy ,start green life from your house !
The smart Led equal 10 percent of normal light consumption, it is the way to save your money.
2. Turn on and off like this:Without traditional switch ,the smart LED can be controlled by bluetooth (smart phones ) up to 30 meters,no need leave your warm bed if you forget close the light somewhere in winter,just move your finger on the mobile,all solved

3.Provides different color manually to fit what you need.

This marvelous smart LED can change color from your smart phones.

4.Music auto control the color freely

The smart LED changes color and light atmosphere of room with the music. bring your loved ones a special birthday party, create a different christmas night!

You can decide when ,where and how to use it as you want.